Let’s Play: F.E.A.R.-Health and Safety

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Set 2. Watch me screw up…alot. Being the raw run, this is all unedited footage. No point otherwise really.

Part 2: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=m4epazcRKGQ


NinKiwi007 says:

I understand that this was three years ago, but I have to reply: It's a dialect. Get over it.

William Hinman says:

We met the creepy face eating man? Well, He must have been on vacation in florida recently.

Kinvalor77 says:

yay for originality!

EtherSalad says:

Alternatively I've heard them called a Lamp as well, though being American I will always automatically think of a Torch as a stick or pole with fire on the end, a flash light is a hand held light projector, and lamp being a larger, more universal light dispenser for a larger area.

Serimah S. says:

@DBZbrolyss Amen Brother… it had some decent scares 🙂

Oana Valentina says:

That was soooooooo funnyyy :X =]]]]

ThePsychoticScyth396 says:

you can always tell when helloween is scared, cause he goes "mememeeme"

ssbbchamp13 says:

1:18 to 1:25 i ROFL'd so hard. made my day 😀

Maryanne M says:

i wish helloween was really in this. i can imagine him all geared up and staring at the leaving helicopter yelling – "there's scary things!" while his comrades look at him >.<

teencomment says:

Ah, was this LP when you started doing the sets/parts system? Thank you. I was wondering which video was next.

monkeynade126 says:

lol yeah broad daylight in that game is always scary timez

RonaldinhoReborn says:

@voltron44 umm, dude it was a joke.

DBZbrolyss says:

@voltron44 I know it stands for that

a sa says:

@DBZbrolyss Actually its

DragonXD2 says:

shoots the the guy up.

"Is he dead?"…lols

Dalhon Jackneal says:

In the beginning. That sentence " This should be good " reminds me starcraft Jim Raynor said almost the same accent… pretty cool. obviously nice accent dude.. Wish the same accent like you. Could be pretty funny commentary guy like you too ^^

ImunchiesI says:

F.E.A.R. is really getting weird, the first one was pretty freaky, the second one completely devoid of the first one, and the third one is ….. well watch the trailers.

AnOverdoseofZac says:

"Wow! These bullets are amazing! Do we have the budget for these?"
"Yeah, it's fine. Just… hope you don't need your torch much."

ArcaneLP says:

even though a wooden box isn't the best thing to hide behind you must admit that the A.I in this game is amazing!

Twitchy says:

"dont leave me here, there's scary things! :(" that is EXACLY what i said at that part.

scholargrove says:

@Bloodyidit By eating your friends active grenade.

scholargrove says:

@katamari117 "Let's go fuck shit up!"

keijo kusipää says:

IT is …. L4D also has that though 😀

TheTot says:

@katamari117 Actually he says "Let's go fuck shit up."

Just fyi.

yolkjj says:

jesus man…how bright is ur game ? lol…my game settings were on default and it wasnt this dark

GaloSengen says:

speaking of which…
how DO you fuck shit up?

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