Health and safety inspection – Nighty Night – BBC

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The Health and Safety officer arrives to inspect Jill’s salon but things don’t quite go according to plan. Contains adult humour. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:


Tube You says:

I absolutely fell in love with this show the moment I started watching it- well OK, after a few minutes into the episode! 😉 The characters are funny and worrying at the same time. Great writing, production and acting.

Kurt Jones says:

She lost her stomach on a swingers holiday in Dorset.

65rowan says:

Joy will do anything for this salon and bare in mind she can remove her dentures HA.

buscolaluna says:

She lost her stomach on a swingin' holiday in Dorset.

ISeeDeadAnts says:

Teeeheeheee. Rarrrrver luvvvleeeyyyy these were. yah. acai

Chloe Stratford says:

'Oh come on we've all done it don't tell me when your out inspecting all day you don't let a little brown bullet pop down the side of your trousers'

maxinebendix says:

1:34 makes me die

Tom King says:

It's just a kitten in a basket.

dxmakina says:

i wish i spoke british so i could know what they were talking about.

chlorophylfactor says:

hello, thanks for the jimmy from the rock and hard place, mate

IchiCrack says:

These clips give me a boiling laughter that explodes at the end

Mick342 says:

hey BBC Im going to upload ALL of nighty night cause I'm a huge fan……What do you say to that….mmmm?

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