Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety Science

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This video will guide you about some facts for getting a Degree in Occupational Health and Safety Science. Just Head over to the video and Learn exciting things that others do not know about this occupation. While Working for a subject such as Occupational Health and Safety , following things are must-

Recognize your interest

Do not make this as your career to earn only money. If you have real passion to serve people, saving their lives and caring for environment and Public Health; Yes it is the best career You can choose.

Brain and Heart Job

Some Time you have to use your heart to get in touch with the personal on the work and sometime you have to apply your skills to identify the problems. But one thing is sure , You have to handle different types of personalities and head them towards the goal of Safe Behavior.


Competency or Qualification ?

Generally both are required for a occupational health and safety degree holder. For example One person should have experience of industrial hazards but may be unaware of recent technological advancement due to lack oof qualification/ certifications.


Thomas Stroble says:

It'll be interesting what the occupational health and safety science will have to offer in the form of innovations and practice to help curb injuries in the workplace.

Arabian_Stalion says:

I luv my major : )

vonnytreasures says:

@manufacturingcert .. it is!!! 🙂

vonnytreasures says:

@AquariusDuband721 .. great choice! … Our Central Queensland University graduates have a great time and get fantastic jobs! 🙂

manufacturingcert says:

This video makes health and safety certification exciting! Crazy intro.

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