Being a Safety Leader, Form These Habits

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To make sure the safety of your employees is a big job to do considering that safety covers many aspects, such as the workplace environment until the behaviors the people themselves. However, as a leader you have to be able to that because leadership and safety is inseparable; no matter how good your safety system is, without an amazing leadership, it will be useless. This means that besides developing an excellent safety program to be applied in your company, it is also your job to make your employees in all levels follow you. Do you think it is hard? Yes, it is.

Leadership and safety cannot go together if you do not have the capability to maintain both. If you want to maintain your safety programs, go to the experts and have a consultation with them. However, to have a great leadership, you must start from yourself. No need to push your employees to follow and do what you say; you will get their trust if you have the habits of a safety leader. Though it takes time to form the habits, but do not worry as one day you must have them:

Be Proactive

To get both wonderful leadership and safety, firstly you have to have the habit of being proactive. This habit should be planted in your mind that to be a good safety leader, it is important to be proactive in the sense that you use your time well. You should not waste your time by thinking of something you cannot control. Just focus on the things you have the influence and work hard to give visible impacts on them.

Make Priority

A good safety leader can prioritize everything, which one is urgent and which one is important. With the habit of prioritizing things, you can use your time effectively without ignoring your final goals in your career. Remember, to be able to do this, you need to firstly manage your emotion so you will not be reactive whenever problems come to you.

Think Win-Win

A great safety program is not only developed by you, but also your employees. It means that you must think of your people also, beside yourself. Anytime you find problems in safety, always think win-win so you can get the best solution that allow everyone to win. In this way, your employees feel that you are on their side.

Understanding Others

As a leader, you want your people to give their heart to you; they trust you. But it is impossible the win their heart if you do not understand them. Instead of being understood, try to always think in their way to understand them. Your understanding will result in your employees’ loyalty and good communication to build strong leadership and safety programs.


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