Safety Tips on Using Elevated Work Platform

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Construction is a very hard job that not all people can do this. If you want to work in the field, you must have a particular skill as every day you have to deal with materials, heavy equipment, and many other things. Especially when you have to do construction in height, like a tall building for example, your job becomes a lot more difficult and also risky. Fortunately, you are helped by the so called elevated work platform. This equipment refers to any platforms that provide a safe option when working at heights, for instance scissor lifts, cherry pickers, boom lifts, and travel towers.

The use of the elevated work platform is very common in construction and some other fields. Though your job is now easier with the equipment, you have to be careful as working in heights is always dangerous. For your information, there are many accidents happened due to the carelessness of workers while operating the platform. Minor injuries like scratches or bruises will be tolerable, yet losing your arm and even your life are highly possible, too. Therefore, it is a must for you to know and apply the safety tips to work with the platform as suggested.

Check the manual and log book

An elevated work platform does not work manually, it is a kind of machine that needs skillful individuals to operate it. But although you are skillful, you cannot use it without the manual and log. Why so? A manual book gives you very detailed information that you may need when operating the equipment. It also provides you some warnings so you can be more careful and avoid terrible accidents. That is why, when the equipment arrives on site, check whether it comes with the manual and log book.

Do a pre-start check

This is important. Before using elevated work platform, you must do a pre-start check to see whether the equipment is in a good condition or not. If necessary, do the checking more than once with some other workers. When you find problems with the platform, do not use it and report it to your site manager. It is very risky to work in heights with problematic equipment, right?

Working near power lines

Sometimes, you have to do your job near power lines; it is another dangerous situation. Elevated work platforms must not operate within 3 meters of power lines unless there are safety provisions in the area of working.

Stay at the platform

A serious warning is given to you when using the equipment: never enter or leave the platform when it is elevated. This is dangerous because accidents like being trapped or hit can happen. Remember, always be careful with the platform to stay safe in your workplace.


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