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The safety of the employees is the first consideration of a company because without the people, the business cannot run well. Among various types of safety systems and strategies, behavioral based safety programs are the ones that consider the workers as humans. It means that the strategies under this programs are based on what employees do and think during the working time, so they are more factual than any other ones.

These programs gain more popularity from time to time due to the great involvement of all employees in the workplace so the system applied later on suit them best.

Behavioral based safety programs start with the belief

that accidents and injuries in the workplace are due to the behavior of the employees or human errors. You may think this is not true; accidents happens because of technical problems. Well, you have to know that if the employees are aware of the problems immediately, the bad things can be avoided. And if the employees use the machines carefully, the quality will not be poor. Therefore, it is correct that most of the accidents and injuries in your working place come from the misbehavior of the people themselves.

Although it focuses more on your behavior, do not think that behavioral based safety programs are here to blame you. The approach used in the programs helps you to have a safer workplace based on what you usually do. Now, let’s see some information about the safety programs to give you more knowledge about that:

What is it?

Behavioral based safety programs are safety approaches that focus on unsafe behaviors of the employees as the main cause of most accidents and injuries in the workplace, as stated in The programs firstly became popular in the United States around the year of 1930 to 1940. Although it has been a long time since its first coming, behavioral based safety programs are still widely used in many companies.

Why workers like it?

The programs are good to apply due to some reasons. Firstly, the developer of the programs talks directly to you, as the worker. This means you can share anything in your mind about your working place. Objectivity also becomes the key of the approach that if the employer does wrong and you are right, the system designed will not cover the mistake of your boss. Encouragement and rewards are given too so you are really appreciated here.

How does it work?

The safety programs are developed through three steps: focusing on what you do, why you do it, and apply a research-based strategy to improve what you do. In this way, the strategy applied in your workplace can fulfill your need. So, it is a good idea to use the programs, right?


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